Why us a Registered Migration Agent?

Why use Sydney Migration Agents?

Sydney Migration Agents advise you on the category of visa that suits your circumstances best. We as registered migration agents are experts in current migration law. We are qualified to ensure that all of your options are considered to your best advantage. We know how to compile and prepare your case to DIAC in a way that will guarantee the best possible opportunity for a successful visa grant.
We can help you in many different ways such as;

  • Give advice on the nature of documents and evidence that maybe required for you to submit a valid application
  • Assist you to complete the forms and ensure documents have been completed certified
  • Submit the visa application for you
  • Liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) on your behalf
  • Ensures that decisions taken by DIAC on your case are correct and in terms of prevailing policy and regulations
  • Migration Agents can also certify your original documents which can save you time and money
  • Introduce you to Professionals in industries such as Australian taxation, banking, real estate and relocation services
  • Although using a Migration Agent is not compulsory if you feel you are not confident in lodging an application yourself or if your case is complex you should choose to use a Migration Agent.

Determining which visa is best for your circumstances is not an easy process because of the varying requirements of each visa class. This will also be difficult when English is not your first language. If you lodge an application yourself and do not include the correct information there is a chance your application may be invalid or may be delayed or refused by DIAC.

In Australia, Migration Agents must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to provide immigration assistance. It is illegal to practice as a migration agent without being registered in Australia. you can be assured of receiving only accurate and professional advice. We strictly adhere to the MARA’s Code of Conduct. It is always our intention that your application is successful.

If you apply for a visa with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) you potentially have only one chance for success. If your application fails, you may have closed the doors on your personal migration goal.

Agents outside of Australia are not legally required to be registered under Australian Federal Law. Using unregistered agents does not afford you the protection that they have passed the required character tests, that they comply with the MARA code of conduct and that they have the necessary immigration law qualifications.


If you have made a decision to migrate you should not only feel confident and assured that your case has the best possible chances of success but also that your money is appropriately invested and secured. We are bound by MARA to operate a Client’s Account in which your money stays safeguarded and we are only permitted to access your funds after we have provided our services



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