What is a Registered Migration Agent?

What is a registered migration agent?

A registered migration agent is a legal practitioner of migration law.

Sydney Migration Agents only uses registered migration agents who hold membership with the Migration Institute of Australia, who are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), hold a professional migration library and hold personal indemnity insurance.

A registered migration agent is a person under law[1] who is legally able to provide immigration assistance in the following areas;

–        Dealing and giving advice with visa preparation or visa cancellation review,

–        Preparation of documents required by a court or tribunal in relation to the clients visa preparation or cancellation review; and

–        Representing clients before a court or tribunal in relation to their visa issues.

As a Registered Migration Agent we at Sydney Migration Agents are bound by a legal document[2] called the “Code of Conduct”[3] which outlines ethical and professional standards that we follow integrated into a culture of learning and helping that the team follows to prevent poor and misleading advice from being given to people who maybe in a vulnerable position.

Not following the Code of Conduct means that a team member at Sydney Migration Agents is liable for their actions and the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) can enforce penalties barring a person from practicing as a registered migration agent for up to 5 years.

Under Part 3 of the Code of Conduct[4] a Registered Migration Agent has certain obligations that they must fulfill in their duties as a Migration Agent. Sydney Migration Agents work in sustainable, ethical environments. We uphold principles of privacy very seriously and have created a privacy policy to help clients understand how we deal with sensitive information.

Our promise to you is that we will preserve the confidentiality of your case. We will not disclose or allow to be disclosed confidential information about you or your client’s business without your written consent.


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