Registered Migration Agent Responsibilities

Migration Agent Responsibilities


To work as a Registered Migration Agent, two bank accounts are needed.[1] One account is for ones operating expenses (operating account) and the second one is for client’s fees and payments (client account). We hold the money the client gives us in a client account until;

a)    We have done the work agreed upon in the initial contract of service delivery, and;

b)    We have issued an invoice to the client.

Until we have performed these two tasks, we will not transfer or use the client’s money.

We can however; take money from the clients account to pay for fees issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or other agencies that need their accounts paid.


We also keep records of the client’s account including;[2]

–        The date and amount of each deposit made to the clients’ account, including an indication of the purpose of the deposit and the client on whose behalf the deposit is made.

–        The date and amount of each withdrawal made in relation to an individual client, and the name of each recipient of money that was withdrawn;

–        Receipts for any payments made by the client to the agent; and

–        Copies of invoices or accounts rendered in relation to the account.



[1] Migration Act 1958, s314, Code of Conduct 2006, Part 7

[2] Migration Act 1958, s314, Code of Conduct 2006, Part 7.4A


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