Professional Development

Professional Development


To remain a Registered Migration Agent persons must partake in continuing professional development (CPD).[1] The requirement by the Migration Agents Registration Authority is to complete 10 CPD points per years. In the first year of a registered migration agents tenure four mandatory CPD activities must be competed;

–        account management,

–        business management,

–        ethics and professional practice and

–        file management.

They must choose other approved activities[2] to satisfy the 10 CPD points required in the first working year.

In subsequent years, migration agents choose one of the mandatory subjects and other approved activities. These other approved activities must add up to 9 points in total. The approved activities can include private study of audio, video or written material, for example recordings of approved activities, attendance of seminars by qualified personnel and the publication of articles.[3] These activities have to be completed over the year before the persons registration expires.


[1] Migration Act 1958, s290A

[2] Migration Agents Regulations 1998, Reg 6A

[3] Migration Agents Regulations 1998, Schedule 1


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