General Skilled Visas

General Skilled Visas


DIAC classifies the Skilled Stream of Australia’s Migration program into four major categories:

(a) general skilled migration;
(b) employer nominations;
(c) distinguished talent; and
(d) business skills.



General Skilled Migration (GSM)
This component of the skilled stream includes the following subclasses:

  • Skilled Independent(885)
  • Skilled Sponsored (886)
  • Skilled Regional (887)
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored  –  a temporary visa: subclasses (487)
  • Skilled Graduate – a temporary visa: subclass (485)
  • Skilled recognised Graduate – a temporary visa: subclass (476)


All GSM visa applicants must satisfy the following basic requirements:

• Be under 45 years of age at time of application;

• Have good English language skills. This means at least Competent English (score at least 6 in each band of the IELTS or hold a passport from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA or Republic of Ireland).

• Nominate a ‘skilled occupation’ – defined by Regulation 1.03 as one which is listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL),

• Have a positive skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority in Australia;

• Have recent work experience – have been in paid employment in a skilled occupation on the SOL for at least 12 months in the 2 years immediately before applying (unless the applicant is an eligible overseas student graduate).


Two of the main areas of general skilled migration are the independent and the Australian-sponsored categories (the subclasses 885 and 886).

All of the visas in this category are ‘points tested’.

The skilled Occupation List can be found here


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