Business Values

Our Commitment to You


Sydney Migration Agents are committed to:

  • Supporting you in achieving your personal migration and/or relocation goal(s)
  • Supporting you and working with you for as long as it takes
  • Providing a professional, dedicated and friendly service


How you can help us to help you

We recognise that you as our client have rights and responsibilities. As our client you have the right to:


  • Fair, easy and equal access to us during opening hours
  • Prompt information regarding the preparation of your visa application at any time
  • Prompt information regarding the progress of your visa application
  • Be treated with respect


As our client your responsibilities include:

  • Giving us honest and truthful information about you, your family members, your circumstances and any information we provide to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on your behalf
  • Being honest and fair in your expectations
  • Telling us what you did and did not like in a respectful, timely manner


Our Price Guarantee

In addition to our Free Online Visa Assessment we offer an initial consultation via phone. After we have received all necessary information we can determine your visa options. We will also evaluate costs and a realistic time frame so that you can plan ahead. Should you decide to continue using our services, we guarantee that our professional fee remains fixed in accordance with our agreement. We call this our Price Guarantee. We will work with you for as long as it takes.


Your Money – Our Ethics

At Sydney Migration Agents we are proud to offer arguably the fairest and most transparent pricing structures in the market. We know and understand from our own personal experiences that you want to deal with a company that gives you the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal and the trust that your money is well spent.

To safeguard your money we operate two separate bank accounts. Your money will be directly deposited into our Clients’ account. By law we are only entitled to transfer money from this account into our Operational Account after we provided our services and our fees are due. In case of any dispute we are required to demonstrate that we acted in accordance with the above policy.



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